Numerology is an integral part of Astrology with special methods and ways to find out the how we can use the numbers for our benefit. Numerology as the name suggests is about the numbers and in today's world this science Has BECOME VERY USEFUL AS everything we use contains a unique identity with a number be it your house, office, vehicle, mobile and so on. So we need the knowledge of this science to choose the numbers accordingly. India is going through a major problem in recent times and the issue is not Finance or Education the issue is Relationship be it with husband-wife or with parents or with our dear ones because each individual has different demands and needs to fulfil his inner self. With the deep and practical knowledge of numerology we can identify this need and can plan or manage our future accordingly.
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This is not a Horoscope/Kundli Generation Software, This is just an input, which we will use to Create your Specialized Horoscope/Kundali and then we will give Specialized predictions and Remedies.

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